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Bug BusterBug Buster
A bubbles like bug game.
Tubbys Big AdventureTubbys Big Adventure
Guide Tubby through the different regions and grab all the junk food avoiding the enemies.
Orange RunnerOrange Runner
Collect the speed boots and avoid the traps to reach mega speed.
Valentines Heart SneakValentines Heart Sneak
Help the valentines lover to collect all the love and all the hearts!
Super Mario Bros FlashSuper Mario Bros Flash
World 1 of a recent Mario demo. Still a little buggy, don't die or you have to restart it all over.
Guess My BallGuess My Ball
After intermixing of the jar, you have to locate which jar holds the ball. If you locate the jar correctly,then you get the points. if not you get to lose points.
Zombie vs HamsterZombie vs Hamster
Which side will you take in the war between the zombies and the hamsters?
Panda StarPanda Star
Fly your panda through the sky as you grab all the stars. Don't miss one or you might fall dead.
Fratboy Girlfriend Tower DefenFratboy Girlfriend Tower Defense
Setup towers to defend your girlfriends castle. Set the towers up so they take down the enemies fast.
Hobo 6 hell gameHobo 6 hell game
Hobo returns as he fights off demons in Hell. The same gross combos return along with a new ones.
Get through the fortress using your splitting powers.
Ben 10 total batlleBen 10 total batlle
Help Ben 10 to defeat The Boss of monsters and destroy all the monsters that are attacking you.
Monster truck raceMonster truck race
Race against your opponents in this awesome monster truck racing in the desert, beat your opponent of each level to win the game.
Ben 10 saving sparksvilleBen 10 saving sparksville
In this game Ben 10 is fighting a giant robot created by Megawatt. The robot is walking towards the hydro electric dam to power up. You must destroy it before it succeeds. Ben 10 has converted into Heatblast for this purpose. Heatblast is flying on some sort of board and shooting fireballs to the robot. The robot picks up cars and throws them towards Ben 10. Your goal is to avoid these cars and to hit the robot with fire balls.
Night of 1000 ZombiesNight of 1000 Zombies
Beat all the zombies by throwing pumpkin at them.
Dodgeball 1000Dodgeball 1000
Remove the dwarves from the playground.
Dinosaur hunterDinosaur hunter
You are in charge of delivery in the Dinosaur Park. Dinosaurs have been on the lose and want their eggs back. You must deliver the goods to your destination with out getting attacked.
Super drift 3dSuper drift 3d
Anyone can race, only the best can drift! Take turns at over 100 mph and over take your opponent in the race to the finish line. Play Time Trials if you want to put your best time to the test. Lets Drift!
Mortal kombat karnageMortal kombat karnage
Mortal Kombat remake in flash. Its really a new fighting game. This one is better than ever, with an infinite forest background with no corners, new cool looking moves with very clever use of the sprites, and more! Finish him!
Mall car parkingMall car parking
Drive the car without colliding with other cars and any obstacles on the way. Park the car within the shortest time and earn score. Finish all the levels to win the game.
Earn to dieEarn to die
Upgrade your car and drive your way through hordes of zombies in order to reach your destination - alive.
Rich CarsRich Cars
These racing machines pack some serious rocket power!
Toys BikersToys Bikers
Have you ever seen a Teddy Bear drive a motorcycle? Probably not! In this bike game, you must complete all levels in a shortest time without falling of the motorbike. Have fun to play in the Toy Universe.
Apollo 69Apollo 69
Do You think these crazy hamsters can’t fly? Ha-ha! Launch them and see how far You can try.
Air GunnerAir Gunner
Use machine guns and other weapons to protect the bomber against the assault of the enemy aircrafts. Airplane gunner defense on a military aircraft protect bomber against enemy fighter attacks from the rear using ultimate machine gun, minigun and RPG. This game is free.
Graffitis 2 BubbledGraffitis 2 Bubbled
The graffitis are back and this time the paint-filled blobs are stuck inside bubbles! Set them free and make a colorful mess on the canvas. Choose from two different gameplay modes.
Drift ManiacDrift Maniac
Drift Maniac is a car drifting game, drift around the several tracks unlock new levels and break the records.
Mario AdventuresMario Adventures
Run as Mario and grab the coins and jump on Goombas as you make it to the exit doors. Low gravity?
Kids PaintingKids Painting
Kids painting are hard to explore. Really, you need good eyesight to find the hidden objects in kids painting.
Afterburner HighwayAfterburner Highway
The highway is packed but luckily your afterburners are on full strength - jump and dodge your way to the finish line.
Penguin Ice BreakerPenguin Ice Breaker
The little Penguin is on its way to Antarctica. To reach the place safely, make the Penguin to break the ice blocks and the other marine mammals using the hammer. Use the right arrow key to move the Penguin and space bar to break the ice blocks and the other marine mammals. In the 1st level, score a minimum of 15000 in 90 seconds, and in the 2nd and 3rd levels score a minimum of 10000 in 120 seconds.
Princess OceanaPrincess Oceana
Princess Oceana is part of a royal family that goes back over 1000 years. One day, She found an old chest in the attic of her castle. Inside was one of the most amazing things she had ever seen. A shell necklace that has the ability to turn its wearer into a mermaid. Dress Oceana as a princess then click her shell to dress her as a mermaid.
Rollercoaster RoundupRollercoaster Roundup
Some of the tykes are trying to leave the park before they've experienced the best ride! Have Bob the friendly guard, round em' up and lead them to the coaster! Earn Gold tickets every $10000!!
City Under SiegeCity Under Siege
Your task is to destroy all tanks and protect command center. You have 3 lives. Every 1000 score you get additional 1. Remake of arcade game Battle City!
Pong JugglePong Juggle
The objective of the game is to catch th balls. Every 1000 points, you reaach a new level.
Winter StarsWinter Stars
Try to get as many stars as you can before your time runs out. Each star gives you 10 points. A shooting star gives you 1000 points. The more you fill up the power bar. the higher Kirsten will jump. When she jumps, you can sweep Kirsten across more stars by dragging your mouse right or left.
Scooby Doo 1000 Graveyard DashScooby Doo 1000 Graveyard Dash
Run as fast as you can through the graveyard. The ghost is on your tail, don't stop! Grab pickups.

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